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          Reporting the loss of foreign passport

            Welcome to this window for going through the formalities of reporting the loss of foreign passport. Please pay attention to the following relevant contents of which you are informed. Thanks for your cooperation.

            I. Qualifications:

            Foreigners who have lost passport in Shanghai.

            II. Formalities:

            1. Filling in the Statement of the Loss of the Passport and answering the inquiry;

            2. The host organization, if any, should provide relevant circumstantial explanation;

            3. The original and the copy of the Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors (issued by the hotel or the police substation of the area where the lodging takes place);

            4. Providing identity certificates (copy of passport, identity credential with photo on it, driving license, entry flight ticket, etc).

            Applicants must go through the procedure by themselves.

            III. Business Hours and Location:

            Monday --- Friday 9:00–11:30; 13:30—17:00

            Shanghai Municipality Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, Free-trade Zone Branch Exit-entry Detachment, Exit-entry Administrative Office of Pudong District.

            IV. Time Limit:

            2 working days.

            V. Fee Standard: Free