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        X2 Visa

          Welcome to this window for going through the formalities of applying for the X2 Visa (for Short Term Study). Please pay attention to the following relevant contents of which you are informed. Thanks for your cooperation.

          I. Qualifications:

          Foreigners entering China for short term study, advanced study or training organized by educational or training institutions.

          II. Formalities:

          1. Submitting the original of the valid passport and visa for examination;

          2. Original and copy of the Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors (issued by the hotel or the police substation of the area where the lodging takes place);

          3. Submitting the Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit Application Form completely filled up and one recent 2-inches half-length, bareheaded and full-face photograph;

          4. Certificate of admission, enrollment or of student status issued by municipal educational or training institutions;

          5. Letter of application from school;

          6. Visa application form for study in China (Form JW202/201) (Annual Registration Form and student enrollment list for international schools).


          1. If exit-entry administrative organization under public security organ, as it considers necessary, requires to interview the applicant or to demand the applicant to submit other supplementary materials, however, the applicant fails to undergo the interview or submit the materials at/during the appointed time/period, the application will be deemed as cancelled, unless force majeure;

          2. Decisions made by the exit-entry administration on rejecting applications for visa extension or reissuance, or on not issuing foreigners’ stay or residence permits or not extending the duration of residence shall be final.

          III. Business hours and location:

          Shanghai Municipality Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Bureau:

          Monday --- Saturday 9:00 – 17:00 (excluding pblic holidays, only documents collection in Saturday)

          Free-trade Zone Branch Exit-entry Detachment, exit-entry administrative office of each district:


          IV. Time limit

          Within 7 working days if application documents are complete.

          V. Fee standard

          For details, refer to the Visa fee standard of Reciprocal countries and Non-Reciprocal countries, the State Development and Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance [J.J.G. (2003) No.392]