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      Finding the best GP in Shanghai
        A competition to select the best general practitioners in the city kicked off over the weekend. Before July 5, 32 doctors will be selected from 64 candidates to participate in a TV program, launched by the Shanghai Health Commission and Shanghai Education Television Station, for the final.
        The 64 candidates were selected from 5,000 GPs from 16 districts.
        It is the first multimedia program to showcase the professional skills and capability of local GPs and raise their profile as well as boost their image among residents, the local health authority said.
        Shanghai is the first city in the nation to introduce GPs to serve as primary health care providers to the public. The city currently boasts more than 8,700 GPs, which means there are 3.59 GPs for every 10,000 population. The nation plans to have two to three GPs among every 10,000 residents by 2020 and Shanghai has achieved the goal earlier than the national plan.

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