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            Overseas interest in Chinese brands

              LinkedIn says in the B2B market, 81 percent of overseas buyers are interested in Chinese brands and products, highlighting the country’s improved brand awareness in the international market.

              But domestic brands need more investment for digital marketing to ensure long-term customer relationship, according to LinkedIn, which has 630 million users globally and 47 million in China.

              It says 81 percent of B2B overseas decision-makers are interested in domestic brands and are willing to buy products from China.

              Their ideas of Chinese goods have changed to “affordable, quality and fast delivery” from “cheap and copycat” five years ago, according to LinkedIn’s China B2B Brand Globalization White Paper.

              Besides big brands, over 60 percent of Chinese B2B exporters are small or medium-sized enterprises. Southeast Asia is the prime destination for Chinese firms.

              Chinese brands are “active and confident” about overseas expansion, especially in high-tech machinery and new energy, said Zhou Xiaodan, head of marketing for LinkedIn China’s Marketing Solutions.

              LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offers customized VIP services for big companies such as IBM, Huawei and Cisco, as well as standard services for SMEs, said Vianne Cai, general manager of LinkedIn China’s Marketing Solutions.

              Chinese B2B firms need more time and investment in brand recognition, LinkedIn said.

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